Creating Equity

Our Fundraising Benchmarks

Tier One: $25,000

Funding the MakeGood Accessible Makerspace.

Tier Two: $50,000

Funding two MakeGood Designer Internships.

Tier Three: $75,000

Funding advanced technology and direct educational and fabrication support to the community.

Our vision

Our future vision is to create the MakeGood Adaptive Design Laboratory. This will be a community-facing physical space for design experimentation, digital skills building, distributed manufacturing, and fun. This facility will be the source for innovative design and education in New Orleans, empowering those creating adaptive technology.

Making adaptive technology

We want to create a more equitable world

Teaching curiosity

We want to empower through design

Learn from others

We want to educate through experience

The future MakeGood Makerspace.

Support our mission to increase equity in our society

Make Good INC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered in Louisiana addressing problems in the built environment through empathy, learning, and experimentation.