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We Make Assistive
Technology For Our

Why this field?

Over 1 billion people live disabled everyday, yet adaptive design in a nascent field which effects us all. The built and designed environment is conventionally inadequate for the breadth of human experience. Very few people decide how the built environment is designed. Time to imagine and construct a more equitable society.

There are many challenges faced by our friends and family. These are within the scope and scale for anyone to participate in the design and manufacturing process to solve these problems. We exist to bring collective experiential knowledge into the built world.

Who we are

MakeGood is a collective of makers, designers, caretakers, innovators, and more, dedicated to pushing the bounds of design in the field of adaptive technology. By harnessing the creative power of everyone, we create amazing new innovations and experiences for all people.

Dream it

MakeGood uses cutting edge design tools to realize the future.

Build it

MakeGood uses computerized manufacturing to delivery quality products for a low cost.

Share it

What else one helps many. We share our design solutions worldwide.

What we do

MakeGood works with anyone to help solve any adaptive design and manufacturing challenges. This is done through a design project process, putting the need-knower at the center of the design team, and making sure they lead the scope and goals of the project. Utilizing digital design and fabrication tools, we empower those in our community to be curious about the built environment, and make it better for everyone.

MakeGood offers educational classes throughout the area to local schools, social action groups, and commercial design entities with a desire to MakeGood. These classes are focused on design thinking and adaptive making.

MakeGood supports Makers Making Change, Tikkun Olam Makers, and others to supply open-source adaptive technology to requesters in the Gulf Coast area.


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